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Good news for shrimp lovers: high cholesterol seafood can be part of a low-fat diet.People no longer need avoid shrimp for its high cholesterol. Steamed shrimp, naturally low in fat, can be included in heart-healthy diets for people without lipid

Eating shrimp may actually lower blood Cholesterol level Nine out of ten persons  love seafood and especially shrimp. What most shrimp lovers fear is the high Cholesterol in shrimp that may produce artery – blocking plaques causing heart attack. Even

Chef: Kunal Kapur Recipe Servings: 4 Cook Time: 25 Minutes + Marination Time A quick and easy recipe involving chunky prawns cut into popcorn size, marinated, batter coated and deep fried to perfection. Perfect for tea-time. Ingredients 8-10 prawns 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

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