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Virbac Eco-Marine

1,678 1,350

Description: Eco Marine is a unique probiotic in tablet form, formulated to meet the requirements for water treatment in intensive shrimp culture.

Benefits: Helps digesting organic waste in aquaculture ponds.Eliminates sludge and bad odour in pond bottom.Control the growth of harmful blue green alage .Helps in reducing ammonia and nitrates . works in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Application: For good water quality in ponds

1st to 2nd month – 40 tablets / 1 Ha

3rd to 4th month – 60 tablets / 1 Ha

Manufacture: Virbac Animal Health India Pvt Ltd.

Presentation: Net Content 80tablets.


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Virbac Eco-Marine

1,678 1,350

Weight 80 kg

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