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Shrimp Booster

3,000 2,000

Product Description: Rallis Shrimp Booster is a proprietary formulation of Fructo oligosaccharide (FOS) based on prebiotic for shrimp growth.

Benefits: Improves  survival rate with better Feed FCR , Improves gut microflora thereby boosts immunity. Beneficial at early stages in the shrimp culture.

Application: Early stages 1-30 DOC @ 7-8 grams per Kg feed.Then after 4-5 grams /Kg feed or  prescribed by aquaculture technician or consultant.

Manufacturer: Rallis India Limited

Presentation: 1 kg Bag.

Sold By 40count
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Shrimp Booster

3,000 2,000

Weight 1 kg

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