Avant Pro W

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Product Features: Is a Probiotic oriduct for biological control of essential water quality parameters to keep clean pond bottom,stabilise plankton bloom and control Vibrio in the way of organic farming & guaranteed nil antibiotics.

Manufactured  By: Srinivasa Cystine (P) Ltd ( An Avanti Feeds Ltd Group)

Benefits:Reduces disease causing pathogenic bacteria and promotes beneficial & health promoting bacteria.Degrades and digests wide variety of the accumulated organic matter & improves shrimp pond water quality and pond bottom soil condition.maintains stable and healthy phytoplankton bloom.Reduces stress as indicated by Prophenyloxidase(PPO)levels in haemolymph.

Application : Every week 500 grams /week /Ha at 1 meter water depth.Under sever stress and unfaverobale conditions apply 1kg /ha


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Avant Pro W

1,811 1,270

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