Avant D-Flow

4,314 3,365

Product Features: Reduces water viscosity, removes, heavy metals and increase shelling.


  • To control toxic plankton: 30L/Ha Apply every 3 days.
  • To clean gills and body:       30L/Ha repeat it with same dosage for next 2 days.
  • To correct viscous water:     18L/Ha apply for every 7 days.
  • To remove floating bubbles:  18L/Ha apply for every 7 days.

Benefits:  Reduces toxic effects of chlorine, formalin, BKC, cleans gills and extremities and also increase shelling.

Manufacture: Avanti Feeds Limited.

Presentation:  Avant D-Flow 20Ltrs.

Sold By 40count
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Avant D-Flow

4,314 3,365

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