Avant Saldomixtos

Product Features:

  • Marine mineral for balancing mineral in pond


  • 2-3 days, before stocking PL    Dosage: 20-30 kg/Ha
  • Promote of plankton multiplications     Dosage: 10-30 kg/Ha
  • Continuously use 2-3 days after water exchange or pre-molting period Dosage: 1-25kg/Ha
  • Use Once a week  Dosage: 10-25kg/Ha
  • Continuously use 2-3 days     Dosage: 20-30kg/Ha
  • For applying with Feed    Dosage: 2kg/MT of Feed or directed by technicians.

Manufacture: Avanti Feeds Limited.

Presentation: Avant Saldomixtos   10kg

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