Through good times and bad, and great depression, Agriculture and Farming has been a beacon of hope for humans. Aqua protein is more economical than any other available animal proteins . Aquaculture has a long history with reference with fish culture in Kautilya Arthasastra (321-300BC). Despite the invention of the radio, television, cell phones and ipods, nothing is more amazing and powerful than the enchantment of seed in ponds and watching it grow. We at 40count, certainly did not invent it, but we have been dedicated to enabling you to share, in a very small but significant way, the astonishing magic of nature and aquaculture. Our culture is Aquaculture, we are educated in fisheries and developed with the aqua industry. With the new technologies and recent developments in the e-commerce business and entry of the young blood into the aquaculture industry prompted us to move in this direction.Hoping this will help the farming community in sourcing their aqua needs for quality and reliable products from us.


Farm Tested And Qualified

Products were tried in our farms and sourced from the genuine suppliers.All products were vigorously tested in farm conditions and then qualified to be sold on the site


Grown in natural way with no hormones and enzymes .Grown in a balanced ecosystem where each organism does its role by achieving the productions with minimal pollutions effects.Helping the customer by providing wide range of bacterial consortiums to chose the best product to achieve good result along with maintaining ecological balance and sustainability.

Knowledge From Experience

It sounds exhausting, but it’s a typical day for the aquaculturist . We tried different tools,equipments and methods for achieving the set farming objectives and acheieving successful harvests. Our 20 years of experience along with extensive customer data is the key progression for moving to this site, for giving the best of the best to the farming community.

Aquaculture Expert

Aquaculture is a very important economical activity and a flourishing sector with varied resources and potentials.The Vibrancy of the sector can be visualised by increase in productions achieved year over year.

Price Guaranteed

Here’s a beautiful reason to stop by the 40 count today for quality products averrable on finger tips and most competitive prices.

High Quality

All products were sourced from reputed organisations whose objective aligns with us with a sole objective of quality products.


We believe our goods are meaningful because of the thought fullness of the people behind them.


I have 25 years of experience in Aqua Industry with Masters degree in Fisheries for CIFE Mumbai. Worked in various aquaculture and food industries in India and Canada since 1992. I have see the industry from rock age to present rocket age. Lots of peaks and dips in industry since my start. I went through pains and delays in sourcing the right seed, feed, and other aquaculture inputs.This my experience prompted me to develop this platform for the ease of shrimp farming and other allied aquaculture units.


I am a tech guy from Atlanta with a masters degree in computer science from Nebraska university .I worked for various big corporations in software development and security protocols .When Mahendra approached me and explained me the theme and objective i felt his passions in aquaculture which made me to take up this project and excite to work with him as a team.I am pulling all my resources to make this site as wonderful shopping experience for aquaculturist. I hope our site would help the farming community